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Not all Pilates Reformers are created equal, and neither are the classes. Spring Studio Pilates is proud to offer top-notch instruction on top-notch equipment. Our boutique studio is equipped with new, spa-like solid Maple Balanced Body Studio Reformers, Towers and Exo Chairs. Reformer pilates will strengthen your core, tone and sculpt while improving your balance, flexibility, strength, circulation and respiration. Call or email us today to set up your demo class and see for yourself what sets Spring Studio Pilates apart from the competition.

Small Class Sizes

Group Reformer classes are limited to a maximum of six students per class, allowing for a personal and customized class experience.

Class Variety

Join us each week for Pilates Barre and Cardio Jumpboard classes to complement your Reformer sessions.

Convenient Hours

Early morning, evening and weekend class times are available to fit your schedule.

Enjoyable Workouts

We take great pride in offering fun yet structured workouts that help tone, tighten, and improve flexibility, posture and balance.

Best-in-Class Equipment

Spring Studio Pilates boasts a collection of the highest quality Balanced Body Equipment on the market.

Dedicated Class Times

Select your weekly class time(s) for when it’s convenient for you, and know you’re always guaranteed a spot in class.



New Students or Individual Session


Standard Sessions 


Private & Small Sessions 


Spring Studio Extras


Spring Studio also offers Barre classes that incorporate cardio, strength training and stretching, and are guaranteed to lift and tighten your backside!

Cardio Jumpboard

Cardio Jumpboard classes are also available for existing Reformer clients.

Classes are limited to six people, and spots must be reserved prior to class



Enhance your workout applying your Pilates principles on the ropes

New Client

Get started with a demonstration and single group class

Dropping In?

Experienced clients can book available class space

Assisted Services

We are happy to help book your visit, gift purchases or answer questions.

Our Location

Spring Studio Pilates is located in Orland Park at the southwest corner of 159th St. and Wolf Rd., in the Berkots shopping center right next to Art a la Carte. Looking for more information or want to schedule your first class?


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About Jackie O'boyle

About Jackie O'boyle


After years and years of different health clubs, fad memberships and trendy workouts, I was “burnt out”, bored and not interested in working out.  Although my physical body was healthy and fit, my mental person was craving movement and a sense of well-being, something different. As luck would have it, I entered my forties and found Pilates.  Specifically, for me, reformer Pilates.  My aha moment for sure!  I found Pilates worked muscles I did not even know I had.  I felt my overall physical and mental health improve.  I felt inspired, motivated and challenged.  I discovered my “core” and became obsessed with making it work for me.  I became stronger, leaner and meaner! Surviving a nasty divorce, and now a single mother of two hockey players…Pilates gave me strength to carry on!  And so, my story goes.  I have more core strength than I ever had…  EVER!  The movements are based on control, which is what a lot of folks miss when it comes to exercise. For me that control gave me power!  Power over my ability to train, be trained and share my passion for Pilates. And so here I am some years later owning the studio where I started my journey.  Opportunity knocked and I was granted a new lease on life, a new way to channel my positive energy.  I have found the love I have for Pilates has grown even deeper in teaching, sharing and extracting the best out of my clients.  My goal is to help my clients get the most out of their work-out, fulfill their personal goals and help them be their best selves! At Spring Studio Pilates…Mission accomplished!